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Feminist Baby Clothes

Feminist Baby Clothes celebrate women, girls and their ability to be anything they dream of, not just mothers. They’re durable, ethically made and empowering.

They’re also a little bit controversial. But here’s why that’s OK.

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Princess Awesome

While there is nothing wrong with a little princess twirling in a sparkly fairy dress, there is a yearning for more gender-neutral fashion options for girls. Frustrated by the fact that the girl’s section is filled with unicorns, ruffles and pink dresses and that the boy’s section offers only footballs, gross slogans or camo, moms have started their own lines of clothing.

One such brand, Princess Awesome, focuses on encouraging a girl’s sense of self-confidence and power through its designs. Its founders say that they were inspired to create the line after a daughter refused to wear any of the dresses for sale in the girls’ section. Instead, she wanted to wear a shirt with fire trucks or planets.

The brand also has a range of feminist toddler books that promote self-determination and equality. For instance, it has a book featuring “trailblazers” such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amelia Earhart as well as a story about a girl who outsmarts a dragon to prove that she can be anything she wants.


If you’re looking for a creepy movie to watch this weekend, Svaha is the perfect choice. It’s a South Korean thriller about religion and cults that will give you chills. The story is a mix of horror, forensics, and religious occult mystery. Jang has created a film that will thrill you and keep you on the edge of your seat.

The movie revolves around Pastor Park, a man who exposes suspicious religious groups. He is hired by the police to investigate a cult called Deer Mount, where strange things are happening. He gets involved in a dangerous conspiracy and is faced with the reality of his own beliefs.

Svaha is a great film, but it falls short of the grander ambitions that it sets out to achieve. It’s a thriller that explores our systems of belief, but its rich subtext and ideas are drowned out by underdeveloped characters and a ramshackle structure. Despite these flaws, the film is well worth watching.

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