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Mobile game engines and development platforms

The mobile gaming industry is currently booming, as is demand for mobile game engines and development platforms. According to a recent study, the mobile game industry is worth $119 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to $338 billion by 2030. The increased demand for mobile games has resulted in a rush to find the right engine to create a bug-free game.

The most popular mobile game development platforms for creating and publishing games are Unity, Unreal Engine, CryEngine, and Marmalade. Anyway, there are a lot more names on the list of best mobile game engines that we will cover in our article below, along with all the features and pricing.

Top 10 Mobile Game Engines

Game EngineSupported PlatformsPricing
UnityAndroid, Windows phone, Fire OS, Tizen OS, iOSFree for studentsPlus Edition – $40/MonthPro Edition – $150/MonthEnterprise Edition – $200/Month
Unreal EngineWindows, PS4, Xbox 1, AR, VR, HTML 5, Steam OS, Android, Max OS X, Linux, iOSFree5% royalty is revenue exceeds $10,00,000
StarlingApple TV, Android, Browsers, iOS100% Free
AppGameKitWindows, Android, HTML5, Linux, Mac, iOSClassic Pack – $49.99Classic Unlimited Pack – $95.96Twin Pack – $149.78Classic Bumper Pack – $99.99
PhaserHTML5, Native Apps, Android, iOS100% Free
GodotBSD, MacOS, Windows, Android, UWP, Linux, iOS100% Free
MarmaladeAndroid, PC, Smart TV, Windows phone, Mac, Blackberry OS, iOS100% Free
DefoldNintendo Switch, Linux, Facebook, Windows, Steam, Android, HTML5, MacOS,iOS100% Free
Amazon LumberyardMacOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox 1, Windows, Android, iOS100% Free
MonoGameXbox 360, Max OS X, PS4, Windows phone, Linux, Windows 8/10, Xbox 1, Android, PlayStation Vita, iOS100% Free
HaxeXbox 360, PS4, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows phone, Windows 8/10, Xbox 1, PlayStation VitaAndroid, iOS100% Free
CryEnginePS4, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Linux, Xbox One, PSVR, OSVR, WindowsFree5% royalty on the project shipment
GiderosAndroid, Windows, Max OSX, Windows Phone, Windows RT100% Free
Game MakerPS Vita, Windows Phone, Tizen, Android, Amazon Fire, iOSIndie Edition – $8.19/MonthCreator Edition – $4.25/MonthEnterprise Edition – $67.99/Month
Construct 3Steam, Facebook,, Windows, Newgrounds, Mac, Linux, Android, iOSIndividual Edition – $5.19/MonthEducation – $5.19/MonthStart-up Edition – $61.99/MonthBusiness Edition – $406.79/Month
Solar2DMacOS, Windows, HTML5, Linux, Android, Android TV, tvOS, iOS100% Free
TitaniumMacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOSFreePro Version – $199/Month
Build BoxWindows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, iOSFreePlus Edition – $8/MonthPro Edition – $19/Month
StencylAndroid, Windows, Linux, Mac, HTML5, iOSIndie Developer – $99/YearStudio Agency – $199/Year
ClickteamHTML5, Xbox, Windows phone, Android, iOSDeveloper Edition – $99.99

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