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Replace your dvd rom with ssd

Well, the majority of laptops do have a DVD or CD drive, especially the older models. The majority of us no longer really use these optical drives in this age of the internet. The optical drive is no longer included on new laptop releases, according to the laptop manufacturers. Therefore, the subject of this article is How to Replace the DVD Drive in Your Laptop with an HDD or SSD.

If you upgraded from an HDD to an SSD, the SSD might not have as much storage space as an HDD. Due to the high cost of SDD, you are probably going to select a 256 or 512 GB SSD. And you should be trying to figure out how to get more disc space.

items required
Caddy (Die-cast aluminium caddy is recommended or plastic caddy is okay) (Die-cast aluminium caddy is recommended or plastic caddy is okay) One is available on Amazon for less than $10.
the screwdriver
a replacement internal HDD or SSD
We advise using it as the primary drive and the other disc as the secondary drive if you intend to use an SSD or a larger capacity drive as the secondary using a caddy.

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