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The Future of Home Security: ADT’s Smart Home Solutions

When it comes to home security, ADT stands tall as king of the hill. This is thanks to a catalog of high-value offerings, competitive pricing, and various smart home solutions. If you’re someone looking to build a smart home for yourself, this article talks all about ADT smart home solutions. 

The Technological Evolution Of Home Security

Various home security solutions have been around for many decades. Home owners don’t want someone intruding, harming members of the household, and making off with personal belongings. The traditional home security system as we know it has held its own for many years at this point. However, technological advancements replacing the traditional home security system with smart home security solutions.

A smart home security system has the same ethos as a traditional one but with the addition of smart home technology. This includes smart sensors, locks, cameras, motion sensors, and remote capabilities. Not only is a smart home security system more efficient and effective, the peace of mind that comes with it is unprecedented. With ADT smart home security systems, you combine ADT’s rich history with the latest in smart home technology – a match made in heaven.  

ADT Smart Home Solutions

When it comes to ADT smart home solutions, there is a lot to work with. The ADT smart home security system comes with a slew of functions that enhance your home security. It does this by using window and door sensors, motion sensors, and glass-break sensors among others. The best part? All of this can be done with the ADT control application. Other key features of ADT smart home security systems include:

·        Remote arming and disarming of your security system

·        Video surveillance from anywhere in the world

·        Home automation for better living

Beyond home security, ADT smart home solutions also integrate other smart home tech into the mix. This allows you control it all from one place and also automate various functionality. Adding smart lights, smart locks, smart sockets, thermostats, indoor and outdoor cameras, is incredibly simple with ADT smart home solutions.

Our personal favorite is the smart home monitoring feature. By using any combination of the ADT indoor camera, outdoor camera, and ADT doorbell camera, you can watch what goes on in your home from anywhere. These smart security cameras will constantly watch what happens, you can access these live feeds from anywhere in the world, and some even come with two-way talk functionality. These clips can also be stored to the cloud or shared with others in case the need arises.  

Reasons To Pick ADT Smart Home Solutions

In the conversation of home security systems, ADT is always the frontrunner. If you’re contemplating it, here are a few of the many reasons to pick ADT smart home solutions:

Unparalleled Convenience

With nothing more than the ADT control application, you can control your entire home security system. With the ADT control app, you can:

·        Arm or disarm the system

·        Monitor the status of the system

·        View video footage of your home

·        Add or remove different pieces of smart home technology

Consistent Peace Of Mind

An ADT smart home security system comes with 24/7 professional monitoring. With this, a team of professionals at ADT will be monitoring your system around the clock. The moment a sensor is triggered, they are immediately notified. This is followed by various protocols to resolve the solution that has arisen.

Flexible Systems

All of ADT’s product offerings are incredibly modular in nature. You get to pick between one of three ADT home security plans. The prices are for the standard equipment that comes with each plan. However, if you want to add more smart home tech, you can do so at an additional cost. 

ADT Home Security Plan

Plan Price

Equipment Rental Fee*

One-Time Equipment Fee




Starts at $9.98/mo

$599 at the start

·        Intrusion detection

·        Touch screen panel

·        Voice control

·        24/7 monitoring

·        Service and repair warranty



Starts at $15.32/mo

$919 at the start

·        All the features of Secure

·        Smart home automation

·        Remote access



Starts at $17.82/mo

$1069 at the start

·        All the features of Smart

·        Live HD video

·        Video clip storage

Final Thoughts

If you want the best smart home security system in the US, opt for ADT. With the latest technology, a diverse range of offerings, and great prices, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option out there. If you’re interested, get in touch with ADT customer service right now!

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